Bora Kaplan

Data Engineer


Posted at — May 19, 2020

I am a passionate Software Engineer with interests in Big & Fast Data Applications, Scalable & Resilient Systems and Functional Programming. I enjoy creating efficient architectures and producing maintainable, clean code. I love learning and I work everyday to improve my skills in any area.

Currently working at Trendyol Group as a Data Engineer in Istanbul. Trendyol is the biggest e-commerce platform in Turkey. Our team is the backbone of many critical applications. The scale brings challenging problems for us to solve.

I have been writing Scala since 2016. I used it for developing RESTful services with Play Framework and Akka Http, for data ingestion micro services with Akka and Akka Streams and for ETL jobs with Apache Spark, Apache Flink and Apache Beam. I enjoy being in the whole process of designing an architecture, implementing it using modern tools, and then deploying it in automated fashion.

Other than building software, I enjoy playing and listening to music. I play drums and guitar and record my own music whenever I feel like it.